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Celebrating over 15 years of media production and post production services

CenterStage Media is a full service media marketing company that provides comprehensive project management and fulfillment services, from pre production planning through content delivery and distribution. We create digital media assets through multicamera High Definition filming, live streaming, and multitrack digital audio recording. We then help you distribute this media through modern web development, social media marketing, and web hosting.

How we create media

All production work is performed on site at your chosen location. We specialize in packing up the studio and bringing it to you. All post production work, including audio mixing, overdubbing, mastering, and video editing is performed in house in a fully equipped 5.1 surround mixing-enabled studio. Our mission is to bring very high quality media production, post production, and distribution services, previously limited to upmarket projects, within the budgetary reach of smaller scale productions.

What we do with it

Once we've produced your media, we then empower you to leverage that media as valuable branding assets. Building and maintaining a brand through media development or even supplementing a well established online presence is a complex, multi-faceted endeavor that requires the coordination of multiple, often dissimilar, efforts. We possess all of these skill sets in house, greatly accelerating the completion of your project. Listed (in order of frequency) are these other services our clients ask us to fulfill in combination with our audio and video pre production, production, and post production services.

Other services

Storyline Development ( 94% )

Stills Photography ( 88% )

Graphic Design & Layout ( 82% )

Social Media Marketing ( 79% )

Web Development ( 71% )

Marketing Collateral ( 60% )

Brand Management ( 57% )

Physical Distro ( 47% )

Our clients come primarily from the following categories

Corporate Branding

Competitive differentiation has been the single point of commonality spanning our entire portfolio of corporate work. Whether in the form of trade show media, client testimonials, or live event streaming, creating or reinforcing a brand has anchored our strategy for our corporate clients.

Possessing both media creation and web development skill sets allows us to bring a unique perspective to all corporate work. Search engine optimization, content management, inbound marketing, and social media platform integration are all elements we include with our web development services.

Documenting a Great Story

Documentaries are always about one thing – a story. In that respect, they are not totally unlike a feature film, which is why we approach a documentary production similar to that of a feature film. In our opinion, the most important element is a coherent script that permits a viewer to watch the finished product and understand the story as it develops without having any prior experience with the subject matter. However, few clients have ever provided us with a script. Instead, we are often asked, “Can you video this or can you film that?”

If that sounds like something you would ask, don’t worry! We are more than able to build it on the timeline. In fact, nearly all of our documentary work to date has been produced in this manner. And that’s what makes us a production company and not just a bunch of videographers.

Living in the Spotlight

Live entertainment event filming and post production, whether for concerts, festivals, or other entertainment acts, is our bread and butter here at CenterStage. Although there are many talented videographers, your choices narrow considerably when you shop for a single company that can provide live audio multitrack recording, multicamera HD filming, and a full compliment of post production resources with the ability to render the type of product that your talent deserves. Our substantial experience in pro audio and post production combined with our in house resources give us the ability to capture every nuance of your performance.

All video editing and stereo and surround sound mixing take place locally in our fully equipped post production studio. We have the means to render your production to nearly any distributable format.

The World of Academia

Bring greater attention to your institution's activities and special events. Engage alumnae, prospective donors, and foundations with media designed to showcase your academic qualities and branding efforts. How about live streaming important events to reach distant markets? All of these opportunities exist today, and we can make them happen for you.

Do you regularly host important public events? CenterStage has the ability to professionally assist your institution in the production of special events, and we add considerable value by offering post production, distribution, and web development services to the events’ directors for the purpose of creating distributable digital content from these events, providing greater scalability for your fundraising efforts.

Raising Nonprofit Awareness

Every nonprofit we’ve helped has had an amazing story behind its mission. But many initially struggled with determining how best to disseminate their story both to rise above the noise and to garner a greater share of charitable contributions. In these cases, our approach has remained the same - create compelling, media-based content designed to increase engagement with current and prospective supporters, and then create or strengthen the organization’s online identity by combining modern web development techniques with various social media platforms for greater reach.

The end result has been the same in every case - each one of our nonprofit clients increased their organization’s scalability and achieved a greater level of community awareness and support. We can do the same for your cause without breaking your budget! On average, we donate nearly $20,000 worth of services to 501(c)(3) organizations each year.

Today's Houses of Worship

We’ve worked with religious organizations from day one at CenterStage and fully understand the dynamism present in modern houses of worship. We also realize that outside of the entertainment industry, modern houses of worship often present the most technically complex environment for media production. From full size worship bands to intricate theatrical productions, the professional experience and resources required to do it right can be extraordinarily demanding.

We specialize in augmenting your in house staff and supplementing your installed systems where necessary in order to produce media-based assets that effectively deliver your message. And we always provide discounts for religious organizations.

What better way to get a feel for our work style than to take a look at some of our past projects? Showcased below is a sortable list of categories. Simply click on the category that interests you and evaluate our projects from that category. We have included a thorough description of the project in each file including notes that correspond to each step of the project, from pre production planning to project distribution.

After reviewing a project, simply click the "X" located in the top-right corner of the lightbox, or advance to another project using the arrows.

Clicking a thumbnail of a project will take you to our YouTube page. Simply navigate back to this page at the conclusion of the video to evaluate another project.

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Explaining our process

Our Approach to Pre Production Planning for Your Project

A successful production always begins with a thorough analysis of your project to ensure we commit the necessary production resources so that the end result both meets your expectations and provides you with your desired deliverable options. It’s during this period that we discuss production techniques such as shot selection, cinematography, and lighting for dramatic projects.

For event productions requiring advanced audio, we discuss multitrack recording, evaluate the best way to integrate with Front Of House (FOH) and venue equipment, and collaborate with the event’s audio contractor. For corporate projects, documentaries, and nonprofit promotional shorts, we discuss scripting options, possible points of market differentiation, desired distribution options, and social media integration as they relate to your organization’s overall branding strategy. For live streaming projects, we evaluate camera placements, multimedia integration, lower third graphics, real time viewer interaction options, social media distribution options, and media archival for compliance or redistribution purposes.

Obtaining clearance for copyrighted works to be integrated into your project is discussed, and options for securing the appropriate releases and licenses are also evaluated.

Our Approach to Producing Your Project

Our thorough pre production analysis generally segues into a stress free production process. For event work, we realize there’s one chance to get it right - which is why we put so much effort into our pre production planning. For corporate productions, we provide our teleprompter to help speaking individuals deliver their lines in the most comfortable manner possible. As far as technicalities go, we prefer using large sensor DSLRs for filming everything from ‘run and gun’ to event work to talking heads documentary shoots because the images these cameras produce are simply stunning.

We always capture location sound using one of our multiple outboard digital audio recorders generally combined with either shotgun or lavalier mic’s. For multitracking applications, we have a wide assortment of studio instrument and vocal microphones in our mic locker that are equally comfortable in stage use. Whenever possible, we transformer isolate our splits from Front Of House (FOH) and run all mic’s and instrument line outs into our road rack case loaded with 32 channels of premium class A preamplification and converters.

Our Approach to Finalizing Your Project

Although much of our forward facing work is performed during production, post production is where the magic really happens. It’s at this stage that your project really comes to life on the timeline, and everyone can begin to see the fruits of all the preparatory work. We first prepare all video footage for editing, color correcting, and grading. All multicamera footage is synchronized on the timeline. Single track and multitrack audio is synchronized with all video files. Depending on the nature of your production, we then begin editing your project’s timeline or mixing your soundtrack down to two channel stereo or 5.1 surround sound. It’s during this stage that we also evaluate multiple options for a context-appropriate royalty-free musical score. We also consider the option of working with one of our several musical composers if your project requires a custom soundtrack.

We have a fully equipped post production studio available for ADR, overdubs, and voice over work. We use our Tascam DM 3200 digital mixer for the majority of each project’s audio mixing duties. All audio is mastered in house and multiple finish mixes often appear depending on your desired distributables.

We work with you throughout the post process and optionally present multiple edits for consideration. After finalizing the edit, we make any necessary color corrections and either final grade your edit in house or send your finished edit to one of our professional colorists. We also add closed captions or subtitles during this phase of the process. Completed projects are then rendered out to multiple formats depending on your particular application.

Our Approach to Promoting Your Organization

We believe your organization’s web presence is the single most important element in your marketing strategy. The proliferation of Internet-connected mobile devices has forever altered the global marketing landscape. And we can position your organization to profit from this paradigm shift by combining media creation, web development, search engine optimization, and social media integration with inbound marketing techniques designed to increase visibility and brand awareness. We coordinate your efforts across all of these platforms in order to create and maintain a coherent online brand that will increase target market engagement. For the majority of our clients, we have become an outsourced public relations department.

Even if you have no online presence or only a minimal one currently, we can redeploy your online efforts using modern web development techniques designed to showcase your efforts. We develop content-heavy sites on WordPress and use standard HTML5 and CSS3 for informational-type sites. Want a hassle-free online experience? We can take possession of your domain name(s) and satisfy all hosting and maintenance requirements. Want us to continually coordinate your branding efforts with your social media networks? We can do that as well!